Adventure Doc Medical Care Anywhere

Adventure Doc

Adventure Doc specializes in serving the medical needs of travelers, adventurers and workers in international, remote and austere settings. Our unique background combines Travel, Wilderness, Tactical, Tropical and Emergency medicine with Primary care disciplines to ensure complete medical care for our patients, no matter where they might be.

Adventure Doc Accompaniment


Adventure Doc Accompaniment offers Expedition Doctors and Paramedics to travel with you and provide medical 24/7 during your adventures. Travelers, expeditions, tour groups, film crews, business travelers and private contractors are just a few of the patients for whom we offer medical coverage. Through our specialized medical protocols, advanced medical kits and telecommunications systems we are able to provide premiere medical coverage to any group, through any activity and in any location...Worldwide. Adventure Doc Providers travel with an advanced medical kit including field diagnostics, advanced cardiac and pain control medications, antibiotics and other medical supplies to ensure prompt and expert medical care while on your travels. Our providers also work closely with our patients' regular physicians to ensure continuity of medical care while away, as needed. This is truly a private and concierge style, expedition health care provider for your adventures.

Adventure Doc Clinic


The Adventure Doc Clinic is a fully-functional Travel Medicine Clinic that offer both pre and post-travel consults for international travelers, adventurers, business travelers, ex-pats and groups. Our pre-travel consults are 1-2 hours in length and extremely detailed. Centering on the individual needs of the travelers, we examine the itineary, endemic diseases, past medical history and personal style of travel to replica watches work with our patients on formulating a travel health plan. The ADC offers prescriptions, vaccines and travel health products to our travelers. For travelers who return home sick we are able to perform our post-travel consults and specialize in the treatment of infectious tropical diseases.  

Adventure Doc Consulting


Adventure Doc routinely provides consultations for other companies, organizations and groups on their medical needs. We combine a multi-disciplined team ranging from physicians, paramedics and public health experts to architects and humanitarian responders. For more information on how we can help your individual needs please contact us. Some of the more common requests we receive include:

Establishment of Casualty Evacuation Protocols (CAS-EVAC); assesment and improvement of medical facilities; design and implementation of patient care protocols; establishment of continuing medical education for staff; medical directorship; design and construction of medical kits; medical intelligence on endemic disease and mitigation; direct patient care and case involvement; medical repatriation of sick or injured travelers; assesment of local healthcare interventions and community based participatory research.

Adventure Doc Education


Adventure Doc Education offers a variety of seminars and classes on both remote/expeditionary medicine and tactical medicine. Our classes are highly customizable and able to be tailored to the needs of the participants. All of our classes are instructed by Board Certified physicians and Nationally Registered paramedics who are selected for their expertise and teaching ability. From tropical medicine, clinical microbiology and pharmacology to trauma management, hands on skills and real-life scenarios; Adventure Doc is able to serve all of your medical education needs.   

Adventure Doc Facilities


Through our unique combination of Bord Certified physicians and Architects we are able to design and construct medical facilities at any location on the planet. From a remote medical clinic to a complete inpatient hospital in a capital city, Adventure Doc can fulfill your medical facility needs. We are able to offer a range of facilities from a portable clinic to re-designing your existing space. For our clients with existing facilities we are able to upgrade your clinics with advanced laboratory and radiology diagnostics to enhance patient care and reimbursement. Adventure Doc specializes in the concept that it is often more economical and efficient to bring medical care to your patients than to evacuate them elsewhere.

Adventure Doc Staffing


The staff at Adventure Doc is among the most highly trained and experienced group of remote and austere medical providers in the world. By providing Board Certified Physicians, Nationally Registered Paramedics, Certified Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses we can ensure your medical facility is staffed with the best healthcare providers. By offering a variety of staffing solutions ranging from full-time to locum tenens and per diem we can ensure your facility is always operational and able to offer the highest standard of patient care. Wether providing respite for existing staff, filling open shifts in the schedule or assuming all the staffing needs, Adventure Doc offers solutions to all your medical staffing needs regardless of location.